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A Natural Elixir for Health and Wellness

Fennel essential oil, extracted from the seeds of the Foeniculum vulgare plant, is a potent natural remedy with a multitude of health benefits. Known for its sweet, licorice-like aroma, this essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy and topical applications.

What is Fennel Essential Oil?

Fennel essential oil is derived from the seeds of the Foeniculum vulgare plant through a process known as steam distillation. This plant, native to the Mediterranean region, is characterized by its aromatic seeds. The oil has a sweet, licorice-like scent that is beautifully invigorating and uplifting.

Health Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oil is renowned for its antimicrobial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Here are some of the key health benefits associated with this essential oil:

  1. Mental Health: Fennel essential oil is known for its ability to offer clarity and a stimulating atmosphere. It is emotionally balancing and can help overcome negative experiences, nervousness, doubts, and fears.

  2. Skin Care: Fennel essential oil is beneficial for various skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It also promotes tissue regeneration, making it effective for wound healing.

  3. Repel Negative Energy: Fennel essential oil is thought to attract prophetic dreams and act as a protection. It can repel negative energy and bring warmth, harmony, and peacefulness.

How to Use Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oil can be used in various ways. It can be added to skincare and hair care formulations, or diffused for aromatherapy. However, due to its potent nature, it should be used with caution. It is not recommended for use undiluted or internally unless working with a qualified healthcare practitioner. It should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Fennel essential oil is a versatile and beneficial natural product. Its wide range of health benefits, coupled with its sweet, licorice-like aroma, makes it a valuable addition to any wellness routine. As with any essential oil, it is important to use fennel essential oil responsibly and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.


Method of obtaining: steam distillation

Part of the plant extracted: Leaves

Botanical name:Eucalyptus citriodora

Botanical family: Myrtaceae

Organoleptic properties

- Appearance: clear and fluid liquid
- Colour: colourless to light yellow
- Smell: aniseed, characteristic

Storage conditions
Essential oils are sensitive to UV radiation and the gradual evaporation of their constituents. It is, therefore, imperative to keep your essential oils in a coloured glass or aluminium bottle with a tight closure at a temperature between 5°C and 40°C.


- Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and sensitive epileptics or elderly people.

- In high doses, it can be convulsant.

- "Estrogen-like" effect, do not use in case of mitosis or hormone-dependent cancer (breast, ovary, endometrium).

- No prolonged use without medical advice.

- Keep out of reach of children.

- Avoid contact with the eyes.

- As a general rule, always do a test application of your preparation, in the bend of the elbow, at least 48 hours before using it.