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About OORU organics


 About Aroma Pacific

Its your opportunity to create a Natural Living around you : for Nature, for your daily need, for you and your family. It's your connection to a world of Nature; products both exotic and familiar, It's your retreat from an increasingly turbulent world. It is the perfect paradox of simplicity and complexity.


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It’s rooted deep in our families and culture. It’s the world we have grown up in and know from up close, the gardens in India, the Himalayas looming as a backdrop. We are steeped in a legacy that’s centuries old. We value it and uphold this inheritance.


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OORU Organics Connects People to Nature


Uniting the richest aromas essential oils with the curious, the cultivated, and the adventurous, all over the world. There is simply no simpler way to experience the wonderful complexity of Nature.