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How to Remove Dandruff from your Everyday Life

Written by Aroma Pacific


Posted on February 16 2018


Dandruff and itching are signs of an irritated and unbalanced scalp. Dandruff can be either: 

  • Dry dandruff , present on the dry scalps: white, very volatile, they stand alone from the scalp and are found on our shoulders like small snowflakes.
  • Dandruff , found on oily scalp: bigger, round, yellow, they stick to the scalp and hair. This form corresponds to seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and can eventually evolve to thick and hard dander that can smother the scalp and cause hair loss.


Dandruff occurs during an acceleration of renewal of the cells of the scalp, which is not done in 28 days but in 5 to 14 days only. The cells then no longer have enough time to detach from each other and arrive at the surface of the scalp not individually but in packets. The clumps of dead cells become visible, these are the dandruff. 
This renewal of the cells accelerates under the action of an inflammation of the scalp . It is now thought that a yeast called Malassezia is the cause of this inflammation. Other factors can also promote the appearance of dandruff such as: stress , fatigue , pollution, shampoos too detergent , chemical hair colorings, psoriasis, eczema ...

How to remove Dandruff with Essential Oils at Home

Although benign, dandruff can be very badly experienced by those affected. 
Essential oils, vegetable oils and plant powders can gently and permanently treat dandruff conditions. We will call the purifying essential oils like those of Tea tree , Bay Leaf, Palmarosa or Cedarwood to purify the scalp. We can use the diluted shampoo or massaged into the scalp, diluted purifying and soothing vegetable oils ( Black Cumin ,Chaulmoogra ). 




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