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The Magnificent Realm of Verbena Essential Oil

Distilled from the leaves of the Verbena plant, Verbena Essential Oil presents an array of health and wellness benefits, making it a valuable element in your wellness toolkit.

Health Benefits of Verbena Essential Oil

1. Enhances Mood and Reduces Stress

Verbena essential oil, recognized for its uplifting properties, can help enhance mood, reduce stress, and promote emotional well-being.

2. Supports Digestive Health

The carminative properties of Verbena Essential Oil can assist in supporting digestive health, and promoting overall wellness.

3. Boosts Skin Health

With its antioxidative properties, Verbena Essential Oil can contribute to maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

How to Use Verbena Essential Oil


Introduce a few drops of Verbena oil to your diffuser to enliven your space with its citrusy aroma, encouraging emotional balance and mental clarity.

Topical Use

When diluted with a carrier oil, Verbena essential oil can be applied topically to promote skin health. Always perform a patch test before full application.

Digestive Aid

For supporting digestive health, massage a diluted blend of Verbena Essential Oil onto your abdomen.

Choosing the Best Verbena Essential Oil

When opting for Verbena essential oil, ensure it is 100% pure, organically sourced, and free from synthetic additives to fully harness its benefits.

With its broad range of health benefits, Verbena essential oil is a versatile and beneficial addition to your wellness routine. Discover the invigorating power of Verbena essential oil today and enrich your journey towards holistic health.


Method of obtaining...................Steam Distillation
Part of the extracted plant..........Aerial parts
Botanical name..........................Lippia citriodora
Botanical family.........................Verbaceae

  • 100% pure (free from other nearby essential oils)
  • 100% natural (not denatured with synthetic molecules)
  • 100% integral (not discolored, not deteriorated, not rectified, etc.) 
Native country............................India
Other names...............................Lemon verbena, Aloysia triphylla, Aloysia citriodora, Aloysia citrodora, lemon verbena, Peruvian verbena
Presentation...............................Amber glass bottles with reducer and cap

Storage conditions
Essential oils are sensitive to UV radiation as well as to the progressive evaporation of their constituents. It is therefore imperative to store your essential oils in colored glass or aluminum bottle with a tight seal at a temperature between 5 ° C and 40 ° C.


- Very photosensitizing: avoid any exposure to the sun or UV for at least 10 hours after a skin application of this oil.
- Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 6 years of age. Never use orally during pregnancy.
- Skin irritation possible in the pure state (dermocaustic) : always dilute well for skin application. As a general rule, always make an application test of your preparation, in the crease of the elbow, at least 48 hours before using it.
Internal use reserved for the therapist.

- Stimulating effect of ovarian function possible (therefore stimulating effect of estrogens possible), not recommended in case of mitosis or hormone-dependent cancer.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Avoid contact with the eyes.
- Certain natural compounds contained in this essential oil can present a risk of allergy in certain sensitive people when the essential oil is incorporated in a cosmetic composition: limonene, citral (geranial and neral) and, to a lesser extent, linalool, geraniol.