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Quality Commitments

1) Our Essential Oils are 100% Pure. They are carefully selected to meet strict specifications. We carry our chemical and physical analyses of each batch ( refraction index, chirality, density, etc) and a chromatography test, so we can assure you of the botanical identity and biochemical characteristics of all our essential oils ( EOBBD : Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined)

2)   We only use 100% natural products, with no added preservatives or synthetic fragrances. All our products are guided by strict specifications and supervised by our Quality Laboratory.

3)   We are working on ground with producers from all over the world. We are remunerating them at a fair price, we nurture sustainable and fair trade, and support tradition production chains

4). We are committed to the animals protection organisation PETA. No product is tested on animals and no animal product or sub-product is used in the making of our products ( except products from beehives, mare’s milk, donkey’s milk and silk proteins)

5). We are favouring ingredients from ecological agriculture and certified organic to preserve soil, air and water quality as much as the producers’ health. Our ingredients and Natural and Biodegradable.

6). We favour local supplies to limit transportation impact on the environment and the use of recycled and recyclable packaging, guaranteed without bisphenol and phthalates and locally produced.

7) To protect the contents of our packages, we use recycled crumpled paper and cartons to minimise carbon emissions .