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Natural Remedies for Skin Allergies: The Power of Essential and Vegetable Oil

Natural Remedies for Skin Allergies: The Power of Essential and Vegetable Oil


Skin allergies manifest in various ways, from red patches and pimples to itching and hives. Common allergens include nickel, cosmetics, hair dyes, and animal venoms. Dive into the world of essential and vegetable oils to combat these skin concerns.

Understanding Skin Allergies:

Skin allergies arise from hypersensitivity reactions to allergens. The immune system reacts inappropriately, leading to symptoms. Allergies occur in two phases: an initial awareness phase without symptoms, followed by a revelation phase where symptoms emerge. Common culprits include nickel, hair dyes, and cosmetic products.

Natural Remedies for Skin Allergies:

  1. German Chamomile Essential Oil Solution:

    • German Chamomile Essential Oil: 2 drops
    • Calendula Oil: 20 drops
    • Usage: Mix in the palm and apply to affected areas 2-3 times daily until improvement.
  2. Essential Oil Blend for Skin Allergies:

    • German Chamomile Essential Oil: 15 drops
    • Annual Tansy Essential Oil: 10 drops
    • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: 10 drops
    • Calendula Oil: 30 ml
    • Usage: Apply to affected areas 2-3 times daily for 2-4 days.

Recognizing Skin Allergies:

Skin allergies often manifest as contact eczema or allergic contact dermatitis. Symptoms include red plaques, itching, and fluid-filled vesicles. The rash typically appears where the skin contacts the allergen. Hives, another allergic reaction, appear as pink or red patches and can move or disappear throughout the day.

Soothing Itchy Skin:

Allergic reactions can cause intense itching. To alleviate, avoid scratching and use soothing essential oils like German and Roman Chamomile. For immediate relief, spray refrigerated Peppermint Hydrosol on itchy areas. Another remedy is a bath with colloidal oat powder, known for its soothing properties.

Duration of Skin Allergies:

Allergic reactions subside a few days after avoiding the allergen. If symptoms persist beyond 5 days or the allergen is unknown, consult a doctor. Hives typically last 2-4 days.

Managing Eczema:

Individuals with allergies may have "atopic" skin, prone to atopic eczema. Unlike contact allergic eczema, atopic eczema can flare up without a specific allergen. Essential oils can help, but always test for reactions before full use.


While skin allergies can be bothersome, natural remedies offer relief. Always consult a dermatologist or skincare expert before starting any treatment.

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