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Resulting from the maceration of vanilla pods, this oil has a powerful and suave scent of Vanilla, which has earned it its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Protective and nourishing, it works wonderfully to prepare massage oils.



Vanilla Oil
Method of obtaining

Maceration of organic Bourbon vanilla pods in deodorized organic sesame oil

Part of the plant extracted
Bourbon vanilla pods selected for their richness in vanillin (> 2%) and their olfactory intensity.

Botanical name
Vanilla planifolia

Botanical family

Cosmetic ingredient


100% natural, without any chemical treatment or addition, cosmetic quality

Native country
Organic vanilla: Madagascar; Organic Sesame vegetable oil: India; preparation of the macerate: India


Production date
December 2019 (lot 19MH0052), December 2019 (lot 19MH0065), April 2020 (lot 20MH0012) and May 2020 (lot 20MH0017)

To be used preferably before end
December 2021 (lot 19MH0052), December 2021 (lot 19MH0065), April 2022 (lot 20MH0012) and May 2022 (lot 20MH0017)

On the label, the batch number is followed by a letter indicating the packaging series.

Organoleptic properties

- Appearance: fluid oily liquid
- Color: yellow with natural brown grains of Vanilla
- Odor: sweet, intense, suave, vanilla and caramel

about 0.92

Saponification index


Composition of organic deodorized sesame oil in fatty acids :

  • Polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (PUFA or EFA) or vitamin F: linoleic acid (omega-6) (41%)
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA): oleic acid (omega-9) (41.60%)
  • Saturated fatty acids (AGS): palmitic acid (9.40%), stearic acid (6%)

Other active constituents : 

  • Vanillin and its derivatives: responsible for the aroma of vanilla, aphrodisiac, bewitching
  • 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde: soothing, calming, relaxing
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids: nourishing, protective, softening, softening

Storage conditions
Store in a dry place away from heat and light.

There are sesame allergies. It is not recommended to use this oil in people with an allergy to sesame or nuts.
As a general rule, always test the application of your preparation, in the crease of the elbow, at least 48 hours before using it.