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Extracted from a plant from the Indian Ocean (Acmella oleracea, often called "Mafane") used for a long time as food and medicine, Relax'rides is an anti-wrinkle active specifically targeted on expression lines because it acts on the skin micro-contractions. It is used to prepare anti-wrinkle care, which is preventive as well as smoothing and "smoothing" and is particularly useful for formulating care for the contour of the eyes and lips.



Relaxing anti-aging extract
Method of obtaining

Hydroalcoholic extract of the aerial parts of Acmella oleracea, a plant of the Compositae family

Function.................Anti-wrinkle cosmetic active ingredient
Quality...................100% plant-based
Native country........Reunion Island
INCI designation.....Alcohol (and) Water (and) Acmella oleracea extract

Clear liquid, white to light beige in color, packaged in an amber glass bottle with codigoutte.

- Keep out of reach of children.
- Do not swallow.
- Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply pure on the skin. Respect the recommended dosages.
- Contains alcohol (50 to 75%), easily flammable. Keep away from any flame or source of ignition.
- Due to its alcohol content and its active effect, this product can cause irritation on reactive or blotchy skin.
- Gloves and protective goggles recommended when handling.
- Dangerous. Observe the precautions for use.
- Highly flammable liquid and vapor. Causes serious eye irritation (risk from product in pure form).