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200 ml

Known to promote female hormonal balance, clary sage hydrosol is traditionally used in the event of cycle-related problems and as an accompaniment during menopause. Astringent and purifying, clary sage hydrosol is also an active ingredient of choice in preparations for combination to oily skin and hair. Its regulatory effects also make it an ally in case of excessive sweating. Finally, clary sage hydrosol is appreciated for its balancing and euphoric effects on the nervous system: it is used to convey joy and enthusiasm and provide support in the event of low morale.



clary sage flowers
Method of obtaining

Distillation by steam distillation

Part of the plant extracted

Botanical name
Salvia sclarea

Botanical family


Fresh product, 100% pure, preservative-free, microbiologically controlled by the OORU Organics quality laboratory

To make 1 liter of hydrosol, 1 kilo of flowers is necessary, we speak of a 1/1 ratio. This minimal extraction ratio that we impose on ourselves guarantees an intense olfactory rendering, better conservation and above all a high concentration of aromatic molecules in the hydrosol, a guarantee of its quality.

Native country

Production date
August 2018 (lot)

To be used preferably before end
The lots sold are freshly packaged and have an optimal use date of at least 6 months.
Organoleptic properties

- Appearance: clear liquid
- Color: colorless
- Odor: aromatic, with floral and herbaceous notes
- Flavor: aromatic

5.0 - 7.0

Storage conditions
Hydrosols are products sensitive to pollution. Our OORU Organics hydrosols are fresh and pure products, without preservatives, we strongly recommend that you store them in the refrigerator and use them within 6 months after opening. When using them, make sure to always have clean hands and to disinfect all the utensils and bottles in contact with the hydrosols during your homemade cosmetic preparations. If you notice a change in appearance or smell, stop using your hydrosol.