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How To Treat Roscasea Naturally With Essential Oils

Written by OORU Organics


Posted on April 19 2021

The blotches or rosacea is damage to the small blood vessels primarily located on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Redness, sensations of "flushing" or burning, visible dilated vessels, even pimples evolving by flare-ups are common symptoms of rosacea. Chronic, this condition can be very embarrassing because of its unsightly appearance.

Our experts reveal the essential oils and the most effective natural recipes to reduce redness, prevent the dilation of small vessels, and calm rosacea flare-ups in  order to regain healthy and unified skin. 

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that results in redness on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead , and the appearance of dilated vessels on the cheeks and the wings of the nose . It predominantly affects women, from 30-40 years old, and occurs most often in people with fair skin. It is linked to vascular problems in the blood vessels of the face .

Rosacea is a progressive condition, which begins with occasional redness of the face , often associated with a "flush" or local hot flush, or even with burning or tingling sensations. This redness then becomes permanent and associated with visible dilated vessels with a  purplish red appearance 

The Rosacea is the permanent dilation of small vessels of the face, nose and cheekbones . This vascular form of the disease is the most common.

We speak of rosacea or acne rosacea when the disease progresses to a papulo-pustular form , with the appearance of papules (pimples without pus) and pustules (with pus), in addition to vascular signs. These lesions appear in flare-ups , without any particular triggering factor.

There is also a so-called hypertrophic form of the disease, which is rarer, and with a strong male predominance. It manifests itself by thickening of the skin of the face, in particular of the nose: it takes on a red and swollen appearance, with dilation of the pores of the skin. The ultimate stage of this hypertrophic form is rhinophyma , where the nose takes on a swollen and bumpy appearance.

This form, even more than the others, can have important psychological repercussions for aesthetic reasons.

Finally, ocular rosacea is another form of the disease, which is characterized by irritated, red, watery and light-sensitive eyes.

What triggers rosacea?

The exact causes of rosacea are still unknown , but certain avenues are mentioned, such as hyperreactivity of the blood vessels of the face, an immune disorder of the skin, or even genetic predispositions (a disease more common in fair, thin and fragile skin) .

In addition, rosacea is often associated with the presence in the skin of the mite Demodex folliculorum , whose colonization is favored by skin edema and which could accentuate the inflammatory phenomena and trigger the formation of pimples characteristic of rosacea. .

Certain factors are known to promote rosacea and rosacea , with first and foremost exposure to the sun , but also to wind and extreme temperatures, sudden thermal changes (from cold to hot in particular), or even intense physical exercise. , strong emotions, consumption of alcohol, spicy food or hot drinks ...

The ruddy appearance of the face linked to rosacea, the red and swollen nose, the visible vessels have often been associated with alcoholism, which further accentuates the moral prejudice linked to this pathology . But contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not the cause of rosacea, even if it tends to make it worse.How to remove redness from the face naturally?

The essential oil of Italian Helichrysum is the essential ally of blotchy skin or prone to redness . Diffuse redness that appears and disappears on the cheeks, nose and forehead are often the first signs of rosacea. To calm this redness and strengthen the small skin vessels , try this very simple gesture with the essential oil of Italian Helichrysum

The natural remedy against rosacea with the essential oil of Italian Helichrysum

Mix in a 10 ml glass bottle with stopper.

Helichrysum essential oil is the first step to try in case of rosacea. It removes redness and visible blood vessels, and soothes skin inflammation.

Apply a few drops of this mixture to the affected areas, morning and evening.

Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, or in children under 6 years old.



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